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Rental Car Coverage

By January 18, 2018September 22nd, 2020Personal Insurance

Does my car insurance cover me for the use of a rental car? This is a frequent question that we get from insureds, and it is a good one. Below is a brief of summary of what is usually covered and what is usually not.

The same coverages apply to the car rented as those that you have on your insured car with the most coverage. If you have collision and comprehensive coverage for a vehicle, these same coverages and deductibles will transfer to the rental vehicle. If you only have liability coverage for your vehicle(s), then you will be responsible for all property damage to the rental car.

Two things that may not be covered are:

  • The loss of use for the rental car company. You could be liable for the income it would normally be getting for that car while it is being repaired.
  • There could be a difference in value that your insurance deems the rental car is worth compared to the value the rental company feels it is worth. In that case, you could be responsible for the difference between these values.

If either of the above points are a concern to you, then you should purchase the insurance through the rental car company.

*** Disclaimer: it is good to check with your agent to see if your carrier has different rules. Please use the above information as a guideline and not the absolute rule in all cases.

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